The Hoop Dream was formed in 2010 with the humble mission to bring basketball into rural East African villages. Due to lack of courts and equipment, these communities had never before been exposed to the game. Between 2010 and 2011, The Hoop Dream built 13 provisional hoops across southern Kenya and Uganda allowing thousands of African youth the opportunity to begin to learn to play Basketball.

At THD, basketball is our passion. The sport encourages the development of collaboration, leadership, accountability, respect, loyalty and devotion. It also encourages youth in developing countries to dream about furthering their education, with basketball the vehicle that can land them the opportunity. Basketball encourages healthy habits and good decision making in life, and on the court. Live. Love. HOOP!

Africa was the first destination for THD. After visiting South Africa, it was decided to begin THD in Kenya. Outside of major cities, virtually no communities have courts. It made sense to begin there, but we are always looking for new opportunities and locations to further impact the globalization of basketball.

A goal is set to obtain $100,000 dollars from donations in hopes of building 10 basketball courts, in 10 African communities, for $10,000 each.

Get the people involved; The Hoop Dream has a number of initiatives in place to help attain this fundraising goal. You could donate anywhere from $5 to $10,000, with items like practice jerseys or bags of cement going towards building a new basketball community. Click here for more details.

The next benchmark for The Hoop Dream is to begin to build sustainable, cemented courts with adequate hoops that will stand the test of time and use. Think of your favorite outdoor court in your hometown, this is what T.H.D. intends to build.

If you like what you see so far, you can continue following my journey with frequent updates on how things are going right here!

Once funds are in place, The Hoop Dream will return to East Africa and pinpoint a region to focus efforts. Courts will then be put in place in neighboring communities so that competitions can take place. The circle of courts will continue to grow bigger and bigger until all communities in the region are actively playing basketball. At this point, a regional basketball league will be formed that encourages youth and adult participation.

In the future, The Hoop Dream will be the "Basketball Peace Corps" where people from all walks of life will volunteer to live in these communities, and serve as the acting Head Coach for the youth during their stay. Their visit to the community will culminate with the formation of an event or tournament against neighboring teams or communities.

The Hoop Dream is in partnership with Americas Association for the Care of Children. AACC acts as an umbrella organization that allows The Hoop Dream to fundraise using their 501c3 nonprofit designation. Click the logo for more information and to see AACC’s other initiatives.

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